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Georgia Volunteer Health Care Program (GVHCP)


The Georgia Volunteer Health Care Program (GVHCP) of the Department of Public Health (DPH) provides Sovereign Immunity protection to licensed health care professionals who volunteer to treat uninsured individuals at or below 200 percent of the federal poverty level. Our goal is to increase access to quality health care for underserved Georgians through volunteerism and state-sponsored liability protection. The benefits for volunteering for this program include continuing education credits, relationship building in your community and more importantly saving lives.

Mission, Vision and Values


The mission of the Free Clinic Of ABM is to provide primary and psychiatric care based on holistic care concept focused on prevention and health education services to those in metro Atlanta area who do not have the resources to obtain basic healthcare services.


The Free Clinic of ABM envisions a community where everyone has access to quality healthcare services.


  • Accessibility - We serve low‐income community members of all ages who are uninsured or underinsured. Individuals are considered underinsured if their health insurance does not cover the medically necessary service they are requesting, or if there is a demonstrated community‐wide lack of access to care. Patients will not be denied services within our scope of service offered, if they are unable to pay. We request that uninsured patients make a nominal donation. Patients with insurance are charged the required co‐payment for services.

  • Volunteerism - Our mission will be accomplished through a community‐based volunteer program which will include primary care family medicine and behavioral health professionals, as well as other non‐healthcare professionals who provide various support services.

  • Community Involvement - We extend our care through working relationships with healthcare providers in our community who agree to make their services available to our patients at no charge. We plan to partner with local hospital systems and other healthcare providers to create a continuum of services to improve the overall health of our community.

  • Care, Respect and Privacy - We provide high‐quality patient care in a compassionate way, respecting the dignity, privacy and worth of each person.

  • Learning - We provide effective health education to assist our patients in improving their health. We provide practical experience for current and future healthcare professionals through our internship program.

  • Advocacy - We advocate for greater access to healthcare for the underserved, especially the disadvantaged faction of refugee population and improved community‐wide health outcomes.

Scope of Service

Primary Care

The mission of the Free Clinic Of ABM is to provide primary and psychiatric care based on holistic We provide primary care for minor, non-life threatening illnesses and injuries and are not a substitute for emergency medical care. While specific services may vary, we strive to conduct general physical exams and provide testing and treatment for chronic conditions (e.g., diabetes and high blood pressure) and minor medical problems (e.g., headaches, sore throats, cough/colds, stomach issues).

Mental and Behavioral Health

To the extent funding and the essential volunteers are available, we provide a range of mental and behavioral health services, including screening to identify at least one mental health concern, assessment and diagnosis; medication management; mental health counseling; and case management. We conduct universal screening to proactively identify patients with undetected mental illness, whenever resources allow. Alcohol and substance use are the conditions most often universally screened for, followed by depression and anxiety.

Prescription & Referral Assistance

We provide prescription assistance with free medications and or samples made available by our partners and donors, when the same are available. When presented with conditions, not within our scope of service, the Clinic may be able to provide a referral for the diagnoses and treatment of a patient's problem.

Affordable Healthcare Vision Compliance

Geriatric Care

We strive to serve the needs of geriatric population as defined by the affordable healthcare policy: improving lives through education and community-building.

Healthcare Needs of Disadvantaged

In these uncertain times having a safe and welcoming community health centers focused on preventive care is vital Atlanta's vulnerable underserved communities especially, increasing refugee population is vital. Our volunteers assist in acclimating these needy communities.


We offer internship opportunities to nurses, mid-level providers including nurse practitioners and physician assistant alongside other professions.

Our Team

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  • Saima Hashmi

    Nurse Practitioner


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